Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Listen: Angham's New Quest For Love جديد | اغنية انغام - انا نفسي احب 2013

The aspiration of every woman (and person) is to love and to be loved. But one Egyptian pop diva is making a song about what she thinks she is entitled to. In her new single, her third this month--an impressive load she sounds like a kid with a wish list. This single is released in concert with her new TV drama airing this minute--her first lead role and acting gig.

Angham has the kind of voice that one would love and appreciate if they grew up with, if you have not have this experience  you might not be able to fully appreciate this diva. I think this is a light pop song with a mediocre melody. A convincing emotional show from Angham, but not the best vehicle for her graceful voice she is known for.    

جديد | اغنية انغام - انا نفسي احب 2013


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