Thursday, June 4, 2015

Attieh Teams With Anthony Touma For Kol Leila #DWTS #Summer

Anthony Touma from Lebanon and Mohammad Attieh from Egypt got together on Dancing with the Stars where they competed for the title--each with a female dance partner. The two dudes took their relationship to the next level by doing the next logical thing. Attieh is a guy who won Super Star--Star Academy a decade ago. Anthony Touma appeared on the MBC Voice. Since both of them are singers by profession, they just released a song.

The new song is in both Arabic and English with a hint of Spanish. I like the song, it's done well and it doe not feel all over the place. These are two cool friends making a song together. Everyone brings his A game to this Arabic-English track. A nice attempt at a party song for the summer that keeps up the temperature low.

محمد عطية وانطوني توما - كل ليلة


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