Thursday, June 4, 2015

Elissa Screws Up A Live Performance Again (Video)

Elissa should not be messing up on her live performances. Why? She had a bad name for being the weakest artists for live performances, where he voice live used to disappoint. That took years to fix, and for about five years Elissa has not had to deal with such accusations.

Elissa seem to miss those days as in Morocco's biggest music festival at Mawazine, Elissa had a bad show according to a number of accounts. Attendees have said, she has forgotten some lyrics and her voice did not deliver the perfect pitch. I would have said those are just jealous people being silly. But watch the video below.

It was reporting that Elissa is used to using a playback version where she lip syncs most of her songs. But for the festival in Morocco, she went with the live show performance and that seems to have left her hanging.

Elissa did do a good job in her fashion choice of white jumpsuit, that was awesome.

موطني اليسا لايف

إليسا موازين 2015 Mawazine Elissa حالة حب


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