Friday, June 26, 2015

The Satan Of Egyptian Makes A Cameo In Black Theama New Song

Not many bands in Egypt are as cool or as talented as Black Theama is. Also when it comes to Soul, these three guys have plenty of it. This band which is made up of three dudes who come from three unlikely places from Southern Egypt. A land rich with music diversity and appreciation for all things that has soul.

Here's the latest release from the band, a song that asks of us all to do soul-searching. The band puts the question, "Why have we arrived at this?" This has a lot to do with Egypt in post the army coup on the democratic president--who they have now sentenced to death. No one feels safe in Egypt as citizens feel as guests in their own land as if the army is letting them live in it, but it they break the rules, they will pay.

This can also be a social song about how society has progressed or regressed, the media has changed the country and the social media have caused a lot of changes. Posing the question, why do we only smile when we are divided? Is it our own fault? I must say this is a bold song without making waves, it poses serious questions without hating on anyone. Egypt has a lot of questions to answer....I love the line why parted away with Satan because we become him. The song is not about politics or government, but rather about people who run it.
Black Theama - Leh Weselna Le Keda | بلاك تيما - لية وصلنا لكدة


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