Sunday, June 28, 2015

Watch How @JohnnyHomsy Takes A Different Approach To Arabic Music

Lebanese excel on many fields at home and abroad. They as people are unafraid to try new things in the hopes of being better than the next guy. Everyone in Lebanon tries to dominate whatever industry they find themselves in.

Here's a guy who is not a singer, yet he did a song that has a global reach. Johnny Homsy owns a production company in Beirut and he seems himself as a singer, composer, director and a creative talent. In just one song he has shown that he is really all these things. His new single "Ma Fi Haki is something really different than pop music in Arabia. Even his music video tells a surreal love story"

The song itself is beautiful and the lyrics capture the spirit of what Johnny is trying to do. The music in the song is closer to what you hear on American radios than in the Middle East, though the lyrics are in Arabic the song's theme feels universal.  

This is a music video that one has to watch few times as it's filled with many elements that may goes unnoticed in the first viewing. Well, it's official we have a breath of fresh air in Lebanese pop who is not short on words.

Johnny Homsy - Ma Fi Haki | جونى حمصى - ما فى حكى


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