Saturday, May 23, 2015

Humor in Gaza: The Funniest Guys In #Gaza (Video)

He had a Ramadan show last year with his buddies, and months ago, he made a popular parody video of that famous Van Damm epic split truck video. Now that he sort of established a name for himself, he gets to walk down the streets of Gaza wearing suspenders and cool shades, he seems to picks mostly on young woman near a school.

I think he will get in trouble soon enough. Not sure what's the message of his video....but he has a cool haircut. He now decided to ask folks in Gaza if they were to be made into a movie, what type of movie will it be? Gaza is now paying the price as decided by the Egyptian army who hates any Islamic party.

درابزين "3" | #لو حياتك فيلم #Darabzeen


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