Friday, May 22, 2015

Watch: Diana Karazon In "wayway" No Comment!

Diana Karazon would have been a fashion designer in a different life. But she is stuck with being a singer for now. This summer she returns with a new single meant for her fans in the Khaleej market. Good for her, she brought her gals along for the shoot. The title of the song is Way Way, random I am sure. I like her apron and her choice of outfits.

She is a savvy entertainer who does brilliantly in the social media. Her last hit came last year and it was a Moroccan son that she sang along with her sister. The new single is vague a bit and does not have the same energy. I do not know what to make of it, other than hope it will pick up this summer and bring more gigs for this super talented songstress whose real talent is being wasted in pop music.
I do not think the song has to be as long as Diana's eyelashes.

Diana Karazon - wayway Official Music-video 2015 HD ديانا كرزون - فيديوكليب وي وي النسخة الأصليه


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