Monday, May 18, 2015

Joe Ashkar Seems Liked a Fun Cool Dude!

See this Lebanese playboy/family guy Joe Ashkar speak to a reporter and poke fun of terrorists while talking about art---I have sleeper art cells, awaiting the get go. He released a new song recently and it was a happy go lucky wedding song.

He is a cool dancer who surrounded himself of equally good-looking people! He is content with being a private B list artist in Arabia and an A Lister in Beirut. He seems like to be a cool guy who dressed well and makes sweet music videos. Check this short interview and montage. Joe is a business guy on the side as he owns an upscale club.
جو أشقر: أحضّر خلايا فنيّة نائمة بانتظار لحظة الصفر!


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