Friday, May 8, 2015

@abbodart1 Love Poem Comes to Life By Abdullah Abdulaziz

Abdullah Abdulaziz looks like a boy, dresses like a high school jock, and sings like a proud Saudi man who took part of Star Academy's 9th season. Abdullah Abdulaziz is a student of business, when away form school he likes to sing. This time, he has found a heavy and a decent poem that glows love.

I like young artists who release songs that present something fresh and challenge themselves to reach higher grounds. Sure a bit of lucks helps, but a real talent goes very far, you will hear that in this song below and feel Abdullah has a lot to offer in the regional Khaleej music and to the greater Arabic music scene. It's a sweet track from a bright young artist with a big heart.  

For starter, I love the style of music, and adore how well the song comes together, there's harmony. In general songs in the Gulf tend to bore you or annoy you with the music or the repetitive imagery. Not this time Abdullah Abdulaziz landed a song that will enrich his resume and earn him new fans. The team behind the song deserves a raise. And  Abdullah Abdulaziz should walk tall and own his new track.

 بغني - عبدالله عبدالعزيز


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