Friday, May 8, 2015

Tunisian Zohour Gets Her First Song

Musician turned producer Mohamad Dia is introducing a new talent. Tunisian Zohour is collaborating with Egyptian Dia. Zohour is the first artist from a line of young artists Dia is hoping to work with and introduce. Not to overlook that Dia was once married to the lovely Amal Maher whom he helped introduce to pop music.

Zohour is excited to work with such a big name like Dia. The song came out and it was accompanied by a survey where you are asked to rate Zohour's voice and talent. Now we have the music video for this song that hopes to make things right--it's all in the title.

Tunis has many bright young artists--they come with a heavy dose of Western influence. Sure, it's a tiny state, but talented in that land dream big. I think the ladies would find this song of value. While I like Zoghour's voice, this song is not for a grown man to appreciate.

Rad Eatebar - Zohour رد اعتبار - زهور


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