Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wael Kfoury Delivers A Knockout! Al Gharam El Moustahil (Video)

Lebanese heartthrob and original crooner is back and he sounds and looks as good as he has ever did. A sweet romance that is all but possible is an essential song for those romantics. Wael delivered a solid album with 8 tracks earlier this year and now he is delivering a music video for the title song.

Think of Wael is our Gorge Clooney crossed with a season of Mad Men. That makes him the classically good looking man who does not even try to be that way. This is why is comes natural to Wael Kfoury to do this era songs and be a story teller. Sure he is not keen on spending time with the media, and we know little of his personal life. But Rotana keeps him busy and spares no expense.

Al Gharam El Moustahil is a song that grows on his fans and even the casual one will appreciate it. The title is similar to so many other songs, but the performance is all but. I know Wael will do well in the movie business he has the looks and the persona to make it rain. This is a story of a love triangle that ends up being horrible for everyone involved.

P.S. It seems more and more Rotana's music videos are turning into commercials for smartphones, makes sense smartphones for dumb people.

Wael Kfoury ... Al Gharam El Moustahil - Video Clip | وائل كفوري ... الغرام المستحيل - فيديو كليب


  1. this blog is a true delight for me since i love arabic music but don't know the language. Andy from cyprus