Thursday, May 14, 2015

Syrian Wonder Boy Nassif Zeytoun - Rehearsal & Interview

Here's the hard-working Syrian star Nassif Zeytoun in action preparing for a concert. This is a fun guy and his bands seems to love him. I like these sessions where musicians kick back and unleash. Sometimes, I like to be a fly on the wall. Zeytoun is becoming one of the most exciting pop stars in between Lebanon and Syria.

He seems like a nice guy who enjoys a wealth of talent, a warm personality and the love of millions. While there are many half-baked talents that compete on these singing shows--Nassif is one of the very few good ones that have and will do well as a stand along career in music.

In short three years, the young singer has released an album and headlined dozens of concerts and there is a lot more in store for this force of good music,
Nassif Zeytoun - Rehearsal & Interview / ناصيف زيتون - يتمرّن ويقوم بمقابلة


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