Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Fresh! Jerusalem Is On My Mind By Moeen Shreif - Ya #Quds

Moeen Shreif is a well-known pop star and a celebrated musician. As a Lebanese he feels for Palestine and he chose to do a song for Jerusalem--a holy place for all. Any time is a good time to sing for the old city and in order to create a good and authentic experience, Moeen Shreif went to film his music video inside one of the many Palestinian refugee camps.

There he was welcomed into the camp, and shown around, he was also given a lot of assistance and there was a lot of energy There are footage by a drone and an old cemetery and stock images from the many Israeli atrocities against both Palestinians and Lebanese. . .

I like the idea behind the music video, Moeen Shreif shouts Jerusalem and people abandon all things behind them and come for the city. The song highlights Muslim and Christian (natives) unity over the city. I love the song and salute the artist for doing this song. Jesus gets a shout out here too and so the oldest standing church.

I do not dismiss these songs easily, I think it comes from a good place and offers a good message reminding Arabs not to forget about Palestine as many of them face local troubles. Moeen Shreif had a lot to lose by doing this song yet people liked it and welcomed his timely call. I must say I am proud to see the many friends for the Palestinian cause.    

Moeen Shreif - Ya Quds [Music Video] 2015 / معين شريف - يا قدس


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