Monday, May 18, 2015

The Sweet @SamoZaen And @Kenza_Morsli Epic Romance And Music Muse

Algerian up and coming songstress Kenza Morsali has teamed up with Syrian pop star Samo Zaedn on a new duet. Their song is meant to tell an epic love story like no other, and it seems people of the internet agree. Fresh of Star Academy Kenza Morsali found her biggest fan in Samo Zaen who wanted a project and the two got an amazing song.

Throughout his brilliant career Samo Zaen have had many hits, now he find a different project and a different character to play. He has done many passionate love songs in the past. This time he is an author searching for a muse and he did find one in Kenza.

It's a sweet song no question asked. I wish we had a lot more time to anticipate this song. I believe this is a collaboration worthy on one's time. Both artists play and sound like a believable romantics in their quest to find the right one.

The credit goes to the artists for hiring the right people for this song. I think Kenza will benefit from this song, we sort of miss those type of mellow love songs that bring together a male and a female artists.

Love story talks about a book that lists tried a new story to the story become a real and not a tissue of fiction after that coexistence with love and fantasy stories to be part of the novel realistic !!!

Samo Zaen & Kenza Morsli - Love Story
Booking Artist : 00201005395500
Directed By Ismail Al Abras
Composer: Ahmed Yousf
Song Writer:El Said Ali
Composer: Akram Adel
Mix & Master : Akram Adel
Samo & Kenza The Story Of love Video Clip | سامو زين وكنزه مرسلي قصه حب فيديو كليب


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