Tuesday, May 19, 2015

This Song Will Pay The Bills, InshAllah @marwanasr #Gorgeous

Sometimes artists want a paycheck, it happens in many places and there's no shame in that. Artists have a lifestyle they need to sustain. This is why very few will hold it against Egyptian pop star Marwa Nasr for doing a song in Khaleeji dialect.

Not only has this former Star Academy participant released the song on her album from three months ago, but also she is releasing a music video for it. The teaser is below and it seems all about makeup and a sweet hairstyle.

I wish Marwa well as she shops around for music festivals to perform in. I hope this song will bring her few engagements that come in with a hefty paycheck. Let's not forget that this is the first time Marwa Nasr does a song in that dialect,
Marwa Nasr - Ghalta Baseta (Promo) | (مروة نصر - غلطة بسيطة (إعلان


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