Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What's Wrong With This Picture?

So two big Egyptian celebrities attended a funeral for one of the most beloved comedic actors in Egypt. Hassan Mostafa passed away yesterday and there was a funeral service for him. Many Egyptian celebrities attended the service.

I could not help but notice some questionable choices of outfits. Like by funny man Egyptian actor who wore a t-shirt that read "Feel Good Day" What an idiotic thing to do. I am sure it's unintentional, but he must've known what he shirt reads and he must had plans to attend the funeral. It's not like he rushed to go to the service.

Next offender is Egyptian actor Ihab Fahmy, he too attended the service wearing a questionable t-shirt that reads WTF which stands for "What the fuc&"Really could not they find a more appropriate outfit for this occasion. I mean thank you guys for attending the service, but your wisdom is bring questioned here. Poor taste all around here.

Funerals and burials in Egypt are often chaotic, there's no need for them to be insulting too.
بالفيديو.. شاهد لحظة دفن جثمان الفنان مصطفى حسين وسط دعوات محبيه


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