Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Mean World Laughs at Elissa's Embarrassing Pronunciation! #Mawtini

Elissa has never done a serious song about anything but love. Last week she felt the urge to do a patriotic song from a well-known Palestinian poem written in the 30s! I admire her well and celebrated her choice of songs.

It seems I was in the minority here as many people took issue with the Lebanese diva pronunciation of the song's main word (Mawtini) The jokes started pouring in. The hard T vs. the sexier softer t. It seems Elissa could not do the hard T or was unwilling to go the distance. I did not think it was a big deal, but it seems I was wrong.

I like the official music video is shows ISIS types, Al-Qaeda and Israeli violence against Arab people. The song also showcases Lebanon and Egypt and few Gulf images to live up to feel good theme about the motherland. I think the right thing to do is re-record this song since Elissa is such a big player and I would hate for this song to be messed up for the generations.

Now in other news,  a young Palestian artists did the same song last year and he earned praises form the internet. Murad Swaity is now charging Elissa to have copied/stolen the same musical arrangement from his song (you be the judge) I like both artists, but Elissa is the bigger name here and so far she has refused to comment on those allegations. I think this song should bring us together and not divide us.
Elissa - Mawtini [Official Music Video] (2015) / اليسا - موطني

موطني مراد السويطي


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