Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I Chose A Tent Over Your Palace "Lahjor Gasrak" Song

This is a very old song that the original artists is not even mentioned when we hear it. But as far as I can tell this artist sang it first. the song is about a love that has ceased to's so bad that one lover is willing to abandon the comfortable living of a palace to go back into the desert living in a tent.

George Wassouf has sang this song in few of his performances, and live this song takes a different life. Jordan seems to be the place where this songs is requested. It's a folksy song, Arabs like this song it reminds them of the past--some even have lived this style of living. This is a good song with simple lyrics that talk about love and the lack of it.

جورج وسوف - لهجر قصرك George Wassouf - Lahjor Gasrak

George Wassouf 2011 Jarash Festival - Lahjour Gasrak جورج وسوف - لهجر قصرك


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