Saturday, May 9, 2015

Why Must Iraqi Qusai Hatem Sing? We Would Never Know

Two years ago, a young man appeared on the Voice and it was mentioned that he is the son of popular Iraqi hit-maker Hatem El Iraqi. The name is Qusai Hatem and he is out with a new music video that sounds straight from the streets of Baghdad.

Rotana financed this music video for the young artists who spends a great deal of time running and doing corny things people in love do. I think this is supposed to be a big hit for the young artist. I like the location where this has been filmed, I just do not get what's special about this young man.

The lyrics are cheap and lack that clever thing, there is nothing original here. We have seen this music video thousand time before. I want Qusai to excel and do just fine, I think he can do better if he wants to come near what his own father has accomplished.

Qusai Hatem ... Rawha Radda - Video Clip | قصي حاتم ... روحه رده - فيديو كليب


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