Thursday, May 14, 2015

"You Dance For Me Girl!" Song Is Here And It Sucks

His name is Ozaina Alali and he is a full blown Syrian who like showmen in short skirts to dance around him while he stand in there looking like a fat dude should. I liked Ozaina Alali's voice before, and I love the traditional black and white dresses....I do not get that sexy outfit dancer ladies portion.

shake your hips is the title the singer went with. I like happy songs, and I like the middle portion of the debka music, but then the club stuff is needless. Ozaina in very short years he has shown that he is a star to respect and listen to. It is not happening for me this once.

أذينه العلي -هزي بخصرك ozaena alali -hze bkasrek 2013


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