Thursday, May 28, 2015

She is Dead! Thank You #Egypt, Elderly Palestinian Woman Passes Away in Rafah Crossing!

The government of Egypt hates Gaza, freedom, democracy, and human rights. Since 2015 started, the Rafah crossings was open only five days and each of these days the computers at the Crossings have issues which cause delay.

This week the military ruling Egypt decided to open the crossings one way to allow Palestinian from Gaza who are stuck in Egypt to return home. Hundreds stranded of sick people, elderly, families and children were waiting for weeks and months to get back into Gaza.

I have been to the crossings many times, it's gross and painful. But the news from yesterday was horrible, an elderly Palestinian woman died as she awaited to be allowed into Gaza. She could not take the long wait and the heat and the mistreatment. So thank you Egypt for killing one more defenseless person.

Keep on mind the Rafah Crossings is the only point where Palestinians are allowed to connect with the outside world and it has been closed for three months.

Jerusalem based artists Ahmed Dari put together this tribute video for the elderly lady.

P.S. I have read reports that the army took the lady in and sent her to the hospital--I question this account largely because the website that reported it is paid with favors to pain a flattening image of the Egyptian regime.
ماتت، معبر رفح، Elle est morte, She is dead. frontière,Border ,RAFAH


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