Sunday, May 10, 2015

@Doaa_ElSebaii Aims High And Delivers Perfectly! #Schizophrenia

Here's a fresh song from a new comer, a song about bi-polar folks who have one more side. A young woman singing about how she both loves and hates people. It's a wise song from a sweet voice that we know as ​Doaa El-Sebaii.

Doaa competed on Star Acedemy's 10th season and this marks her return to music with a hit single that has been written by none other than the versatile lyricist Amir Taima. We do not have many of these songs pushing the envelop as they explore new themes for new stories. I like the music one hears here it's pretty international, I hear American and Latin elements that are done to perfection. I think the music is pretty neat and in fact I bet the composer will be busy for some time. I can imagine then music flying so well in the Mississippi and in Brasil or downtown Mexico City.

Even the cover art advances the song and establishes the topic. People do change and people are complicated. I like when she sings sometimes I run away from people only seconds later, she is complaining from being lonely. It's a neat little song that will help Doaa with hr fans and bring her to new lands.

Lyrics: Amir Teima, Composer: Ahmed El-Attabany, Music Arranger: Osama Samy

​Doaa El-Sebaii - Schizophrenia | دعاء السباعي - شيزوفرينيا


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