Monday, May 11, 2015

The Cool Kids Of #Wama Band Are Back Soon @WAMABAND

Wama did a wonderful job in in the 00s, then they took a sabbatical where each of the musicians in the band worked solo on their project. Alone they have done well and their fans love them for coming back together reviving the nostalgia to this serious boy band made out of men who happen to be musicians and wholesome artists.

I liked Wama then and excited for their return. You may recall, the band came together in 2011 and released a sweet album only to be overshadowed by the events of the Arab Spring days later. So, we are holding our breath for a warm welcome this band deserves for trying to swim upriver.

Many singers and artists in Egypt consider themselves fans of this band as they had many hits and so many memories from these seasoned artists.

Checkout the promo, you will stumble one a track or two that speak to you on a personal level from these stylish musicians.
WAMA - Kana Yama Kan (Soon) | (واما - كان ياما كان (قريباً


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