Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Lovely Salim Assaf Gets Romance Right...Every time! @AssafSalim

Salim Assaf is a sweet guy according to his music. He is a lover boy who is one of the rare breed of cross-talented musicians. He has a beautiful voice, he is a gifted lyricist, a seasoned music composer and he plays a number of musical instruments. Once every four months he releases a new single and usually these are big hits in Lebanon.

Salim Assaf's songs get picked and aired by Lebanese radios. Now the new single by him is different though most of his songs are mellow romantic, this song is romantic but it's face-paced and has a dance beat. It's still a dreamy song like the songs he has written in the past, just a little bit more energizing and right summer

I like his new releases and I love the songs he writes fro other pop stars. It's looking like a sure thing now Salim is a full-fledged singer with a stand alone career. That comes with a price, I know many A list pop stars in the Arab world refuse to work with composers and lyricists who sing. Yet Four years later Assaf is still standing and his music is better than ever.

Enjoy Shou Helwi   
سليم عساف - شو حلوي / Salim Assaf- Shou Helwi


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