Friday, May 29, 2015

The Secret Syrian Army Song By The Sweet And Talented Hussam Jneid

Syrian song is in season and artists from that country are a lot more superior to their Arab peers at least on the vocal side. One of those artists who are dominating the airwaves is none but the talented and handsome Hussam Jneid whose voice is made perfect with the Syrian Mawal (mellow and slow music with spelled out verses.)

I was surprised by the tile of his new song released this year as he wishes to be a member of the army or in the army camp to sit on the checkpoint near his loved one's home so that he can grab her ID. The song is great, yet the music video is strange. In the music video Hussam Jneid is a prisoner and his love interest is a sexy police officer / guard at his prion.

It's a well-known fact that Syrian radios are now playing more songs from home and less songs from their neighbors to the South. I love the song and think it's pretty much the coolest thing ever and the music lives up to the expectations from Hussam Jneid whose career in very short years bloomed in places like Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan,

There is one line in the song that I am not sure if I love or hate, I do think it's a sweet line but might be a bit graphic. Hussam wishes he would make her a dress it's fabric made out of his own veins. I like the analogy.  
كليب حسام جنيد - ياريتني عسكري 2015 HD


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