Thursday, May 14, 2015

Elissa Walks On Water! New Music Video Ya Merayti

Elissa did a song about looking into her mirror and talking back to her mirrors that sees her.  Somehow she turned a short song into a epic track where speaks English and being helped bey a lady with rd hair. She is also a mother for the first time on camera.

She is a housewife and that how the story goes. I guess she is not in love with the man he has become once they got hitched. This music video might be the first time when Elissa plays a normal character. The past is an awful thing. The angry yet handsome husband of hers smash her head against the mirror. Then she turns on the other side and walks on heaven with a perfect hair and a cool new phone.

Elissa refused to live on with that guy, so she wrote her won story. She also plays an author with a story to tell with the same title as her song. No reason a music video should take longer than four minutes. I think Elissa of today is a changed artists and a grown woman who has little time to waste. Here she tackles domestic violence, which is a PC thing to do in Lebanon, but just few months ago her pal on X Factor Ragheb Alama did the same music video with the same cuase.

Ya Merayti ... Elissa - Video Clip | يا مرايتي ... إليسا - فيديو كليب