Tuesday, May 12, 2015

@MohamedAlaaFans Song Dares Arab Youth Not To Do Drugs

Here's a new voice that's trying to occupy a space already occupied by so many artists. The song is about drug abuse, party, and binge drinking young people who think they are invincible. Being unemployed comes with many risks and being politically frustrated will ruin one's soul.

Meet Mohammed Alaa who seems to like to party and the the company for young ladies. The title is the last moment in one's life. Going from doing drugs to reading holy scriptures seems like an extreme. Just live your life in balance Mohamed Alaa.

I like the message, and i think a lot more people need to be as honest as Alaa here. This is a real song about a real problem facing many throughout the world in today's world. Alaa is an attorney of law by training with a smooth voice and a look of Tamer Hosny.

This is a responsible song from a young artist who knows the lifestyle he is talking about. I like it and I hope many will get its message before it's too late. There has been many anti drug abuse songs, this one tells the story better and puts on a convincing case.
Mohamed Alaa - Akher Lahza | محمد علاء - أخر لحظة div>


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