Sunday, May 24, 2015

Before He Was An Alleged Terrorist, Here's Mellow Fadel Shaker

Very few select group of people know the whereabouts Lebanese singer cum terrorist. No idea if he is even still alive, maybe he is in Lebanon maybe he has found a way to get the hell out of town. He is on top list for wanted criminals. It's a sad fall of grace....

The once romance hit-maker, the guy with a heart of gold and the man who wears his emotions on sleeve lost most of his fan base when he abruptly quote the show business and made a big deal about it. Then he made a 180 degree turn, joined a violent cult that took him in and he started talking politics...first he took on Syria....but then he started attacking Lebanese folks and he was involved in a clash with the army, and footage of his surfaced talking about killing two--not sure what he meant.
Now, let's remember the singer because he seemed a lot more important--he played a role in curing hearts, not blowing them up. Here's the best songs he has released during the span of his 17 year career in the music biz.

 أجمل ما غنى فضل شاكر .....fadel shaker


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