Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Surprise! Elissa Sings A Palestinian Song For The Arab Motherland (Video)

Elissa is not know for her highs sense of patriotism, she has done a song for Lebanon--some say it may have come too late. But when it comes to other Arab countries she could care less. That's changing though, it might be the Elissa 3.0 phase. Yesterday she shared on Twitter a message thart implies she has found the one and she has fallen in love.

Now comes a surprise out of the blue, she is singing a popular anthem, that was written be Palestinian poet Ibrahim Tokan. The poem dates back to 1934 and was composed by Lebanese composer Mohammad Flyfil. this was the national anthem for Palestine, before it was changed. Then it was the national anthem for Iraq. Syrians love the song and so do Lebanese, it's about the homeland and people wanting to see it live in peace prosperity. It's a perfect dreamer song as we witnessed the madness sweeping through the Middle East.

Elissa has done well in romance and dance songs for more than a decade, but this time she is doing something a lot bigger than she has done and the internet went crazy for this surprise that seeks and promote freedom. I like this side of her, she is not anti anything, but pro all good things.
اغنية اليسا - موطني 2015 | النسخة الاصلية

اغنية اليسا - موطني 2015 -


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