Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Check Out This Sweet Romantic Song By Mutref Al Mutref @Mutref

I like wedding bells like a girl. I like wedding songs. This is why I am upbeat about a new romantic by new comer Mutref Al Mutref. A very sweet song from a manly man who comes from a culture where it's a shame to confess to have fallen in love.

Mutref Al Mutref found really good models for his music video. They tell a prefect love story and they pair well together on camera. There's a Kuwait team behind the song as of the music is by the seaosned Mashal Al Rouj. Mutref  delivers a delightful wedding song that will outlast many of today's pop songs. It feels like a song coming from the heart.

I like everything about Mutref, he looks good, dresses well and lets the song take him, he does not have to be the hero of his own song. To the best of what I can find this is a new artist whose presence prior to last year was minimal. I like hoe the story changes gears just like the mood in the song. He seems to play the Oud as well. There's a big "Wow" from me that should go to Mutref for this amazing work for this breath of fresh air that promises and delivers greatness.

Update: The model that appears on the music video is none but the talented Kuwait actress Haya Abdel Salam who just got married last December in 2014. The kicker, she appears with her real-life husband in the music video. Husband Fouad Ali who is a Jordanian actor shares the screen and the duo act out Mutref's track.

Mutref Al Mutref ... Labeh - Video Clip | مطرف المطرف ... لبيه - فيديو كليب


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