Thursday, April 2, 2015

Assi Hallani Please Stop Singing And Start Composing! Hala Al Kaseer In "Ya Zaman"

Hala Al Kaseer met and trained with Assi Hallani on the set of MBC's The Voice. The two became friends and its seems their friendship lives on. The Lebanese pop icon Assi just composed a classy song for the young Syria songstress. The surprise? It feels like a song straight from the pages of the golden age of Arabic music.

Tarab songs are hard to come by and they are hard to fake and assemble. Not for this team. Assi may have been releasing lame songs in the past few years, but this song redeems the icon. This is a song that extends to move than five minutes where Hala feels comfortable performing it and the music affords her to do so. Tony Saba arranged the music and the song was an instant hit among Hala's fans and older Arab expats who miss this kind of songs.
هالة القصير - يا زمان / Hala Al Kaseer - Ya Zaman


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