Friday, April 17, 2015

Have You Met Mikayella Yet? You Are About To

Mikayella is a lovely Lebanese/Syrian pop star who is ready to give her Lebanese/Syrian peers the run of their lives. Why you may ask? She has a new single and she went for what's commonly known as the white dialect. The exact dialect that goes well with all Arabic speakers ears, it's the more pure and bland spoken form of Arabic. And the verdict?

Mikayella did a fine job. Good catchy and old-fashioned lyrics that draw the listener in and makes us imaging the Bedouin tent. It's a song where passion meets the strong vocals of Mikayella and it's a perfect combination. Welcome  Mikayella to the mainstream, your deserve to be where you are.
ميكاييلا - يا ويلوه Mikayella - Ya Weiloh

Mikayella - Ya Weiloh 2015 // ميكاييلا - يا ويلوه Lyrics: Alexi Costantine Music: George Mardirozian Arrangement: Mostafa Matar & Rimon Al Hajj


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