Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Marvelous Funny Girl Pop By Zee Zee Adel

Real girls make awesome songs. This is what I exactly thought when I heard one particular song on Zee Zee Adel's new album. The song showed a number of cool elements that cane make any song an instant hit. The song offers sizzle, cheekiness, catchiness, and persona.

I love how the song delivers a wonderful sense of humor as it blends what's commonly known as the Egyptian dialect with the classical one. Not many have done this and managed to keep a straight face. In the song Zee Zee declares the search is still ongoing for Mr. right!

I like the beat and I think Ahmed Brazely did some of his nicest work here as he wrote the lyrics and the music. I hope he keeps making more music and collaborating with Zee Zee Adel. Why? Her character and persona fit this song. I would be very pleased if she filmed this into a music video.

Though this is only one song from the new album, it assures the fans that Zee Zee holds onto her original flavor as she branches out into new music styles in her third album.

▶ Lyrics: Ahmed Brazely كلمات: احمد برازيلى
▶ Composition: Ahmed Brazely الحان : احمد برازيلى
▶ Music Arrangement: Mohamed Shafiek الموزع الموسيقى : محمد شفيق
Mazal El Bahs Garey - Zee Zee Adel مازال البحث جارى - زيزى عادل


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