Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Zee Zee Adel Did a Lot of Growing Up For Her 2015 Album

Zee Zee Adel has finally released her third album. And it's bold in in more ways than one. First there is that haircut, that title "I am a Female". In the past I loved her 2009 album that was catchy and cool all at once. It seems this album is a bit more emotional, darker and mellower.

We all grow up and Zee Zee Adel may have grew a bit more than all of us since her last album. She is a rock star who have survived the past four years in Egypt. Now comes the year to thrive. I am pleased to see Mazzika pushing her new album. Any good album deserves attention....but all will be lost if the marketing does not keep up.

From the title of songs, Zee Zee Adel has a lot more personal songs on this album. I have yet to listen to all songs, but Zee Zee deserves the best. I do not see big names attached to the album, but that's not always a weekness.

Listen here

01 - Ana Gayah
02 - Ana Mabsota
03 - Ana Ontha
04 - Baheb Kol Haga Feya
05 - Enta Elly Badawar Aliah
06 - Eyoubo Keteer
07 - Kefayak
08 - Mazal El Bahs Garey
09 - Mesh Haamel Hesab Lehad
10 - Mestaghraba
11 - Sebt Nafsi Leah
12 - Shaylahalak

Ana Ontha - Zee Zee Adel انا انثى - زيزى عادل


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