Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New Album Out! The Great Aseel Abu Bakr Transcends Beautifully

Aseel Abou Bakr's father is legendary Saudi/Yemeni singer Abu Baker Salim. Naturally the song would gravitate toward music just like his old man. I first came across this amazing artists back in college when one of my best pals is form Oman and he would play his music in his Mustang. I recall being blown away with this man's tangy voice and the way he pronounces words.

Luckily for us, Aseel is still making music and he is now with Rotana. Two weeks ago he released a new album and it's such a delight. The man picks winners and his songs are so flawless and so perfect for the mass audience who like sweet and pure songs. I like how he makes the songs feel, it does not feel that he is singing to millions but rather like he is leaving a bittersweet voicemail to someone whom loves despite being wronged.

Take the song below and see how it's been put together, I love the production value here, it adds to Aseel's larger than life talent. This is one artists that I would love to meet and talk to. He has made life a lot better with his talent and grace. Not to be overlooked is his music compositions where he made so many memorable songs for many A list singers.
Aseel Abou Bakr … Helw Sowtek | اصيل ابو بكر … حلو صوتك

Find more songs form this album below...

Aseel Abou Bakr … Ibn Adam | اصيل ابو بكر … إبن ادم


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