Monday, April 20, 2015

Just Another Diana Haddad Music Video! @DianaHaddad

The Lebanese-Emirati pop star likes to shoot music videos. It feels like she releases a new music video every three months. In my book, she is the artist that shoots and releases more music videos than most of her peers in any given region in the Arab World.

Money does not seem to be an issue, most pop stars in Arabia peg for sponsors, Diana does not worry too much. she seems to self-finance her music videos. This is why she is able to release more of them than even the great Nancy Ajram.

I love Diana Haddad, just not most of her music in the last few years. She makes music that gets her high-paying gigs in the Khaleej where she is home. She makes music for the fans out there, not the first fans who adores her almost 2 decades ago.

See her latest music video Al Ared Ghannat, a song that lacks a lot of exciting elements and feels like all over the place musically. Not sure other than Diana modeling around, what the music video accomplishes. I love the outfits for sure, I just do not think a song should be about lifestyle alone. Perhaps better Lebanese songs or even Egyptian ones are welcome at this point.

A word of unsolicited advise for the songstress is to invest more time in finding better songs than in coming up with concepts for music videos and outfits to wear. Again, this is coming from a fan who grew up listening to her music and idolizing her.
Diana Haddad ... Al Ared Ghannat - Video Clip | ديانا حداد ... الأرض غنت - فيديو كليب


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