Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Saber Rebai Dishes On Music, The Voice, and His Album

Aside from his music, he is known for his ex-wife and his current wife. He is Saber Rebai and he means business and entertainment. A Tunisian who is a rock star and now making the transition into an elder of Arabic music. He is a beloved artist within Rotana who booked every billboard in town. He also occupies a chair on the Voice.

He is a little drama sort of guy. I like to hear him speak, his dialect is pretty special. He has a new album out out and it seems to have landed well. He and the couches on the voice took some heat for not being warm toward Ricky Martin--Saber said they had their mics off that moment. I think Arabs are sucking up to foreign celebrities.

I like how he talked ab out romantic songs--pretty powerful song that shows his quality voice. He has a new music video as well.    

Saber Rebai Interview In Radio Delta صابر الرباعي في راديو دلتا


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