Monday, April 27, 2015

Jawad Al Ali Is The Coolest And Nerdiest Saudi

Jawad Al Ali is a popular Saudi singer, he is a first-rate pop star that has took his fame outside the Gulf region. What you may not know about Jawad he is actually an electric engineer by training--a graduate of the University of Pakistan. As a pop star he rose to fame in the late nineties and ever since he has been on the radar.

Now he scaled back on loud pop songs in favor of local songs for the Gulf market. It seems he is going for the nerdy look with these gasses. The thing about Jawad that many did not take him seriously, but slowly and over 12 years he was able to show them he means business. His fame brought him to the States and even to London. He was one of the early pioneering in incorporating Turkish music into Arabic pop. He also did them a solid by using Western beat to make Gulf songs more enjoyable to non-residents.

Jawad Al Ali...Akheran | جواد العلي...اخيرا


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