Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Karam El King" Movie Gets Arab Idol Mohamed Rashad To Sing Again

Mohamed Rashad, the young man who competed on the third season for Arab Idol just got a new gig. Rashad got to sing the promo song for a new movie "Karam El King" a movie about thugs with a heart of gold who interacts with good people. There will be belly dancers and comic relief and a plot of some sort.

The cast seems to be heavy on male characters, I like the song and the young artist. Why must every Egyptian movie have wedding party scene? Maybe not all of them but 8 out of ten films released in Egypt would have to have a wedding party. It's like they do nothing in that country but kill peaceful protestors and party at weddings.

The song goes nuts where guys are dancing on the floor and ladies in the balcony. I would wait to see this film. I do not think this is a memorable song or  movie. The lead are Mahmoud Abdel Ghani and Jordanian Mondir Ryahhnah.
اغنيه اهل الكلام -غناء محمد رشاد من فيلم كرم الكينج "بطوله محمود عبد المغني ,منذر رياحنه"


  1. Music scenes add energy to the film and free promotion online when people click on the song, but there are a limited number of ways to work parties into a storyline. Weddings are proper mileposts in plots or subplots involving singles. It's the alternative to showing couples dancing at nightclubs where people are probably drinking and/or spending too much time together without being married. Movie looks cheaply made, tho.