Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Australia Hearts Syrian Singer Khaldoun Soudan

His fans and his voice send him racing around the globe for concerts. Syrian Khaldoun Soudan returns with a new single and it offers a lot of hope form this seasoned charming Syrian hit-maker. The son of Damascus grew up in a home and a city that appreciates art and encourages good voices to shine. I hear many voices in his voice, a bit of George Wassouf with a hint of Fadel Shaker and a finish by Rida/Wael Jassar. Maybe this time he is doing a song in Egyptian for a reason.

Khaldoun Soudan is in his 30s now and he has done many songs he is proud of. I like his latest, it combines many good things. He has a sweet voice and a non-threating personality. Sweet but not too much so, vocal strengthen but not shouting. Random fact, he seems to have a huge fan base in Australia where he has performed many concerts to his Arab and Syrian fans.
Khaldoun Soudan 3ishty Layali خلدون سودان عشت ليالي


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