Thursday, April 2, 2015

Assyrian Suzan Ezaria Is Enriching The Arabic Pop Secne--Thank you #Iraq


Suzan Ezaria came to the Arabic pop scene from that lovely Island known as Australia (city of Sydney)  Ezaria has been busy with music since 199--there was some acting and dancing involved. Her heritage comes from mother country Iraq.

Australia was not her end-game, she immigrated to Auckland New Zealand where Suzy took time off performing however she entered the world of teaching Assyrian youth her mother language Assyrian as she is fluent in reading and writin...g Aramaic. More and more Assyrians are coming with pride singing their mother tongue and making it rain. Suzy looks the part and she know she is a babe--her eyes tell too many stories.

In 2004 she moved to Sydney and her career in the Arts Industry kicked off. She joined the Assyrian Radio Station, reported for Assyrian TV chanels, performed in Assyrian music video clips, Assyrian church stage live plays, a top role in an Arabic Iraqi Movie and now she has accomplished her ultimate dream of recording an Assyrian Album. She is a beautiful person inside out with a strong passion for Art. This is a dance clip with some music and singing.

Suzan Ezaria - Plgee D Libee / سوزان ايزاريا - نص قلبي


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