Monday, April 13, 2015

Here Comes The Golden Voice From Heba Magdi

I like it when a young artists shows their confidence and sings without the protection of music. This is why I find it cool what Heba Magdi just did. She is a cross-talented entertainer in music, theater, acting and ballet dancing. She started her career at the Egyptian house of opera where she trained with the best vocalists and musicians at the institute. She is not even 30, but she is doing all the right things

The new single is about how her love is a lifestyle and she sounds sweet. But aside from music, she has a hefty resume in TV as she has appeared on more than a dozen works where she wore many different hats.
Heba Magdi - Esloub Hayah (Vocal) | هبة مجدي - اسلوب حياة

Lyrics by: Ahmed Alaa
Composed by: Abdul Rhman Shawki
Arranged by : Gamal Fathy
Mix & Mastering: Mohamed Sakr
Digital Distribution: iLike Agency (
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