Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Stupid Arab Guy Song By Tarek Al Atrash

Guys do stupid things all the time. All guys no question about it. When it comes to attracting females, they lose their minds and everyone in their mind think they are the greatest. But seriously where does all this confidence come form?

Maybe  the new music video for the single by Tarek Al Atrash will help explain the low IQ guys have around attractive females. They are dropping like flies near sweet things. Please note the street harassment and catcalling females. Guys think it's cool--I doubt females find it attractive. Those grown men are acting like boys and juveniles as they stalk this young woman.

Really? Following the lady into the hair salon is not romantic. Tarek Al Atrash has a good voice, but who the hell does she think he is? I guess the message from this music video the crazy one gets the girl. all you need to do is stalk her and do her hair.  Tarek is based in Dubai, a long way form home. Ever since he did that song about cigarettes and he is living large.

Keep on mind according to the song, Tarek does not mind becoming Scarface for the one he loves.
كليب ضربة موس - طارق الأطرش Clip Tarek Al Atrash


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