Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sherif Abd El Menaaem Cool Music Video "Tetr El Nehaya"

Yes, you too love Egypt. At least in public they all say the same talking point. When they make money, they jet their pregnant wives to some European or American city to give birth. granted not all of them do it, but this is the standard. Now Sherif Abd El Menaaem  has a wonderful voice, and a pleasant voice.

but I love the way his music video is made. This seems like a trendy style and he might be one of the ones who used it well. The guy sings for Egypt, a song end credit song. He is one of the young voices who like to let it know there are people who suffered, he is making promises not to give up, but he seems close to the street than his peers. Not sure where he stands on issues....but it seems he is all about Egypt, one country, without factions.

Wait, he is about turning the page, even though the page was never done. He is in the closet army and military clown. History will say a word.

.. Tetr El Nehaya - Sherif Abd El Menaaem تتر النهاية - شريف عبد المنعم.


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