Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Houssam Madanieh And How The Syrian Revolution Is Good For The Music Scene #Syria

Syrian pop stars are going mainstream with every passing day. It seems ten years into the internet thing and social media, and the music industry exes of this very important music have finally nailed the marketing down. They are sure talented....

Now, let's give Houssam Madanieh a listen. A young, hip, stylish pop stars is born every minute. yet Houssam seems to have done well before his name got out of town. He did appear on Super Star, a decade ago where he got his big break. Sure, the country is in crisis, it might be that the revolution is helping us get to know more pop stars form Syria. It might be that there are way too many Syrians around the world who bring with them their favorite music. This also allows for the local artists to go have concerts in more place....

It might be that before the revolution the regime tried to contain what folks can access and gave them a slow internet connection. Now all bests are off and more artists are finding new ways to market themselves away form the State sponsored channels that only select few. There are also more stories, and darker themes to sing about.  All of a sudden music from Syria became the next big thing among other Arabs who wanted to hear something different.

Houssam Madanieh - Al Ghorbeh (Audio) / حسام مدنية - الغربة


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