Monday, April 27, 2015

The Syrian Arab Idol Is About To Break Out! Hazem Sharif...Soon

The shy and good-looking young Syrian man who bagged the title for Arab Idol third season is about to release a new music video with a new song. Hazem Sharif just toured North America in a humble tour, but he has no original song to his name. He is about ti change that in a romantic song that is landing to planet earth soon.

Sure Syria is a mess right now, but it does not mean life has to stop inside it or outside. I like the one second we get to hear part of the song. Hazem is talented, he just needs to speak up and push himself a bit. Maybe this song will make him a star and maybe it won't. Hazem is no machine, but he has the voice to please your soul. The persona has yet to be defined, so let's wait and see.

حازم شريف - شوعاملي - قريباً | Hazem Sharif


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