Friday, April 10, 2015

Belqees' DJ Song Confirms "She Is The Coolest And The Funniest Rock Star" @BalqeesFathi

Balqees made so many awesome music video where she has shown her great sense of humor. Although she is a gorgeous lady, she goes for the nerdy and funny chick. It ain't easy to be a fun female pop artist in the Gulf.

This Yemeni rock star seems to have a lot of fun on set and she invites others to have a blast. This is why her songs always land well and bring out the party. Watch this zany music video with so many styles, colors, cultural iconography...and beyond. This is pop art at its finest. It's tough to be a pop star in the Gulf and to maintain the cool label. Fayez Al Said (he composed this song) did it and now comes Balqees whose stocks are only going up.

If you will notice, she wears two different soccer uniforms--both for rival Saudi teams. And half a dozen Khaleeji artists appear in the music video.

Belqees sports so many looks and the music video moves so fast....I find it interesting for the artist to wear the conservative all black outfit (I know some will be offended) I like her soccer uniform and how she seems to follow this game religiously. This is a party song as the title suggests.....I love how much energy she brings out, all these things must have made it hard for the director to keep track. But it seems Balqees played along and it paid off.

I do not know many pop stars who can pull off this self-deprecating humor (can you imagine Elissa?) Just look at the eye affects toward the end of the song. She is many things, spunky for sure, exciting, check! Fresh....always! Not only does she has a cool voice and a huge social media profile, but her acting chops put seasoned actors to shame.

The album will be released in few days and it's already breaking records in the iTunes universe.

Balqees ... DJ - Video Clip | بلقيس ... دي جي - فيديو كليب


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