Wednesday, April 8, 2015

#Comeback Download: Loai New 2015 Album البوم لؤى - عايشها

It might be too soon to start writing the obituary for the once dazzling career of Egyptian pop star Loai. Loai had had trouble with at least two music production companies. It took him 8 years to release a follow up album. While his first album was an amazing success story, it has ten tracks and each of them did very well. His second album was a big "meh"....this is the third album and it's ready for you.

There's another album that's being held back from being released by the artist and the production company that paid for it. Luckily, Loai found a major company to produce this album and they are pushing people to tune in. Marketing helps, but it's a lot easier if you have a solid album. So far, I heard five songs and I am only really excited about one of them.

At least we know of one leading music site from Egypt who calls this album as Loai's last chance to be a mainstream artist and not a has been, They are saying Khalid Eiz is missing form this album. Eiz, is a music producer who knows how to make hits for a host of artists. Lacking this collaboration can be let's give it time and wish Loai well. There are ten tracks in the album and I am certain radios and online views will pile in.  

W Ektshaft - Loai واكتشفت - لؤى

01 - Qalbain
02 - Fe El Emkan
03 - El Donia Tekhawef
04 - Ma Tendahlesh Behenya
05 - Babaatlek El Salam
06 - Kelma Menk
07 - W Ektshaft
08 - Wala Yenfaa Keda
09 - Aayeshha
10 - Bahebak

El Donia Tekhawef - Loai الدنيا تخوف - لؤى


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