Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Download: The Amazing Balqees Stands Tall With Her 2015 Album

Here's the coolest lady making music in the Khaleej. Belkis is the biggest name in pop music right now. She has the youth, likability, the looks and the most important think the talent. And she just released a new album and it's worth every second of one's time.

This is the most diverse album money can many musician styles and genres that one has to play each of its 14 songs more than once to appreciate the true talent of Balqees. To be candid, this Yemeni native makes the Khaleej music a lot more interesting and whole new level of accessibility to new fans. No doubt it's about her sweet and flexible voice. It sounds like the perfect voice that one uses when they speak as they feel to have been wronged. This is the appeal of Balqees

Download the album Here

01 - Zai Ma Ana
02 - Mabrouk
03 - Amat Meat
04 - Yakhayi
05 - Enta
06 - Gharam
07 - Leh Sar Hobak
08 - Ma Dareat
09 - Yoi Yoi
10 - Elrogola
11 - Ambeh
12 - Eltaj
13 - Tetraba Fe Ezak
14 - Deejay

Download the album Here

 Balqees ... DeeJay - Video Clip | بلقيس ... دي جي - فيديو كليب


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