Monday, April 13, 2015

Fezo From Alkabeer TV Show Gets His Own Movie

When a secondary character on a hit TV sitcom get their own show, it's known as a spin off. Faza'a, Fezo or Faza3 the lovable guy from Alkabeer, that TV show on Ramadan. I liked him on the show, I liked the first and second season anything after that is just trash.

Fezo is now back with a new movie of his own being himself. I do not feel this movie will break any records or impress the critics, but it will help Fezo become a star after being a punching bag on that show. Here's the song that's helping get the word out on the movie. It seems to have a loose scrip where anything's something for the kids, a bit of misfit romance and some light drama.

اغنية فزاع جالكو..من فيلم فزاع


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